Dr Cult-O M.E. Reviews “What Death Leaves Behind”

Dr Cult-O M.E. of Independent Movie Review critiques Scott A. Hamilton and Nico Giampietro's, feature drama, mystery and thriller, "What Death Leaves Behind".
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No Need to Be Silent About “Hush Money”

"Hush Money" a movie by Terrell Lamont and starring Joshua Ray, Kennedy Waite and Rod Grier is reviewed by Independent Movie Review.
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“Forty Nine Days” – Independent Movie Review

Forty Nine Days is a movie short about the Tibetan Buddhism philosophy of the spirit as it departs the body from this world...
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Amateur Thursdays – Independent Movie Review

"So far, each effort has had very engaging and candid points of views from obviously skilled professionals in their fields, and Amateur Thursdays is a fun spin on literary review."
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“Skittered” – Independent Movie Review

Langdon Alger of Independent Movie Review critiques Jody Lauren Miller's, comedy tv series, "SKITTERED Your Tweet, Made Funny Web-series".
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“Urban Underdog” – Independent Movie Review

"...As he walked around Independence Mall in full George Washington get-up and took picture after picture made me believe he put some positive vibes out there if only for a day."
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