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The complex story of Gilbert Gottfried is a tough and extremely engaging documentary about the kid from Coney Island who at the age of 16 went onstage to become the most daring comedian since Don Rickles.

Following Gilbert from a wildly original kid on stage at the Improv in VHS footage to his adventures on the modern day road to all the comedy clubs has some back story that is personal and rather tragic.

The modern framing of Gilbert as a beloved family man with his wife Dara and his charming kids (a girl and a boy) is the foundation of the 60plus man who now is an icon… with pitfalls. A history of his family and sisters-mom-grandmom- and tough and unloving father is revealing. But his respected and revered comic style was in the words of his peers could not be ignored. The comics loved him… all of them called him “the comics comic”.

The is is the best Documentary of the year…. not because I’m a fan, because it’s not just funny, but it’s sweetly charming. The Gilbert jokes are there, and the world of Gilbert (revealed by Whoopie, Bill Burr, Jay Leno, and every big name guy in comedy) is layer out.

Bullet moments… Gilbert meets Nazi’s for a photo-op, singing with Dick Van Dyke, and a comedy act before a cancer society???? But the movie is uplifting and real for non-fans. Enjoy on HULU!

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