Frequently Asked Questions

This page was created so we can answer some common questions that we think you might have about what we are trying to do and what we can do for you.

What does Independent Movie Review Do?
We start by writing a review for your movie that can be used to promote your project online, for press material, for distribution or however else you can think to use that review.

Is that all that you do?
No. We can link your project’s official website to your review, can add your movie’s trailer as a “Featured Review” to our YouTube channel, Friend and Subscribe to your channel and a how bunch of the other promotional options depending on which type of review you request.

What if we don’t have a YouTube or Facebook Page?
Since the goal is to spread the word about your project we highly recommend that you use the resources that are available on the internet to their fullest potential. Also, IndieMR will not leave you high and dry. We can work with you in creating these accounts, just ask your Independent Movie Review representative.

What if we don’t have a website?
IndieMR can work with you in creating your entire campaign no matter what level you and the project are at. But, at the root level of it all is the initial review of your project to post out there on the internet to generate credibility and interest in your project.

What type of reviews do you offer?
We offer different packages that consist of different varieties of reviews. From effective 150 to 600 word “Basic” reviews to “Full” and “Deluxe” reviews ranging from 300 to 600 plus words.

Who will be writing the reviews?
We don’t know yet, but we will be actively looking to add new movie reviewer authors to IndieMR. But, what we do know is that the review will be well written and effective. The authors will also be writing for the love of watching movies and not just main stream projects.

Define “effective”?
Just because you are paying for a review does not mean that you will be buying a good review. Independent Movie Review will stand by every review that it will be an unbiased review that will not be influenced by the fact that you paid for the review. Anything less would dilute the whole process and would wash away the credibility we are looking to create with our product and yours. The review will critique the movie as would any other review that covers a main stream project and because of that the review will be effective.

What languages do you work with?
Your review will be written in English. We do not offer any translation services at this time. We also can only accept movies to be reviewed that are in English, have an English audio stream or are sub-titled in English. Sorry, but hopefully this will be something we can work on in the future.

What time length defines a short, mid-level and feature?
A short is anything under 15 minutes. A mid-level is 16 to 60 minutes. And a feature to us is 61 to 180 minutes.

Sequels, trilogies, web-series and webisodes
Each part of a sequel and/ or trilogy counts as a separate project and would thusly need a separate review. A web-series is a little trickier to define. Individual episodes that span a season count individually. Whereas, a tv-pilot broken up into six webisodes would fall under one project defined by the overall time length. However, each project is unique so if something that falls outside of these confines comes up we will figure it out on a project per project basis.

How do I pay?
By checking out on our easy to use online processing portal through our parent company, KSKM. Once we receive payment and a view project link of your project we will review your project defined by the parameters of the package you chose.

Are refunds available?
All sales are final on checkout. If any issues should arise we will of course work with you to reconcile any of those issues. Refunds will not be issued for a bad review that fulfills our review criteria set fourth in the “Review Packages” table.

What happened to the Free “Basic” Review?
After putting up a good fight, we have become over-whelmed with review submissions, and therefore decided to change our policies, so the Free “Basic” Review has been discontinued. Hopefully, the prices are still reasonable enough that we still can help those smaller projects that we started doing all of this for in the first place.

Is Independent Movie Review affiliated with IMDb?
No. We are not affiliated with IMDb, but we believe in their platform and what they are trying to do. Further, we do not want to reinvent the wheel here at IndieMR by listing a bunch of information that can be obtained on your IMDb site.

Does Independent Movie Review offer distribution?
We currently exploring offering project friendly on-line distribution deals for streaming and purchase of your project. If you are interested in on-line distribution contact your IndieMR contact to learn more.

Why do we have to choose a production budget when submitting a request for a review?
Because, we define any production with a budget under a million dollars to be an “Independent” project and need to determine if your project is an “Independent”, “Studio” or “Classic” for use on our website.

How does Independent Movie Review define a “Studio” movie category?
Anything production with a budget over a million dollars. We understand that not all productions that have over a million dollar budget are Hollywood movie studio productions, and are not even saying that we believe most are, but we just need to organize a project into a “Production” category for our reviews and this is what we determined.

How does Independent Movie Review define a “Classic” movie category?
We know this is probably going to make a lot of people feel old, but here at IndieMR we are defining any movie 20 years or older, before 2002, as “Classic”.