Independent Movie Review came about because we were preparing to launch our independent, “The Last One?“, we kept running into the same problems over and over in regards to getting some initial publicity going.

The problems we were having related to nobody wanted to review our movie because reviews were only being written for main stream movies in theaters and for those “independents” that had multi-million dollar budgets and or “A” list actors.

As independent movie producers we are all well aware that producing movies is a passion and a business. And also, as most of us don’t have major distributors filling our inbox and voicemail with “please contact me” messages we are left to ourselves to either give up the dream or to navigate the self-distribution waters by our movies’self.

With all of the viable options out there these days for getting the movie made and distributed on our own we continue to fight the good fight but unless you know a guy who has a cousin who works for an urban arts scene paper you’re not getting a write up and that’s why Independent Movie Review was created.


Independent Movie Review has simple objectives. IndieMR wants to supply the independent movies that are available, but aren’t distributed or selected for film festival, with a voice on the internet. Everyday more and more aspiring producers and directors are taking the leap and are deciding to start projects.

When and if that project gets completed that accomplishment should not just be kept stored on an external hard-drive some where to be forgotten about because film festivals took your submission fee but not your movie, or that big meeting you managed to get with that production company went well, but didn’t go anywhere because they have their own projects they are trying to push.

Independent Movie Review wants to assist those projects that are striving to set themselves apart from the rest with at least a fair playing field. The review is the first step and the very least you can do for a project.

Let Independent Movie Review create dialogue about your movie and set the ground work, so, that if you are passionate about your film, the most amount of people can, and will, be able to learn more and ultimately watch the project you, your crew and cast worked so hard on trying to complete.


Independent Movie Review short term goals are to grow an online independent community for all those projects that were set adrift once the gates were shut on filming and export was hit on editing.

We know that we want to offer a review on a blog to be used for press, a website link to be back-linked to spread on the internet, and trailers to be shared in efforts to maximize exposure without funding that is needed. Where Independent Movie Review goes from there we are anxious to see.

Just as your project is searching for it’s voice, so will this site and Independent Movie Review will start the process one project and one review at a time.