Dr Cult-O M.E. Reviews “Proud Mary”

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Taraji P. Henson is here to be the next Pam Grier… sort of. “Proud Mary” is sold to the movie goers as a retro blaxploitation flick… yes but NO. It’s really a remake of John Cassavetes hit movie from 1979; “Gloria” (wife Gena Rowlands great role) about a gun moll who protects a child from the family, mobsters.

The remake from Sidney Lumet starring Sharon Stone was awful.

This new black John Wick-ish retread is fine but so predictable and lacking fun, that the only thing saving it is the star, Henson is Good and at age 47, goes all in. She is a star. Passable action movie would have worked better as a parody, but is just serviceable… wait for Netflix.

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