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First off… ‘Creep’ is a modern comic classic found footage parody by the team of Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice. Two character horror film about a videographer named Aaron who is hired to film a guy named Josef for a day for a thousand dollars.

Josef( Duplass playing the Creep) is an annoying jackoff of a host who has an alter ego (a wolf mask that just creeps the fuck out of you). Aaron (Brice) is a dullard and clueless, while Josef just rambles on about his new best friend Aaron.

The movie works because of Duplass and Brice play it perfectly till the bitter end game. Like a cheap version of “Sleuth” in a found footage format. Filmed in Dupass’s house and no budget.

‘Creep 2’ is the direct follow-up with Duplass returning as… ‘Aaron’ (the dead guy from the first film), who is now bored with the 32 killings he has done. It’s not fun anymore… but wait! A web series producer/star named Sara (Desiree Akhavan) is looking for her next star of the final episode of her dating v-log.

Now our Creep has a new interest, and a change from the bromance killings that he is tired of. Creep 2 is a solid follow-up and his challenge of being Creep is that Sara is just as creepy. It’s not as well scripted as the original but still holds interest in the series.

Good Binge Watch! Creep 3 is being filmed as we speak!

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