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The aging action stars are now branching into challenging roles. Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan in character roles fit for their abilities on screen. An action revenge saga about the rise of terrorism in a world run by former terrorists.

Chan plays a former Chinese (American trained) merc who witnessed the murder of his daughter in a London bombing (IRA related) that is on the brink of bringing another in state war between England and Ireland… Brosnan is an elected Irish official that has maintained decades of peace.

The plot gets really complicated and the war between two men wanting justice without violence turns too trippy. Brosnan has his best role in years, and Jackie Chan underplays the ‘Bourne’ counterpart out for justice. The action is great. The actors make it good. The script is overdone (a huge problem). The issues of loyalty to the old guard is timely. Martin Campbell (Goldeneye) handles the direction in good form. The movie bares strong ties to Campbell’s “Edge of Darkness” series and stand alone Mel Gibson film. It could have been a better script. Bravo to old action stars stepping up!

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