“Quick Brown Fox and a Lazy Big Dog” | Independent Movie Review

Langdon Alger | Independent Movie Review

The Quick Brown Fox and a Lazy Big Dog is a micro-short like two minutes long and not even. It literally took me longer to type this sentence than it did to watch. And knowing that IndieMR has a line of submissions out the door that we are months behind on reviewing, the runtime of Quick Brown Fox and a Lazy Big Dog gave me my first smile of the day.

Besides all of that nonsense, yeah Quick Brown Fox and a Lazy Big Dog was a cute animation about… any guesses? A big lazy dog and a quick brown fox? Correct. So yeah, the older napping Lazy Big Dog I’m gonna say wasn’t lazy, but let’s say had more life experience, and was probably a quick brown dog at some point, while the spry and youthful Quick Brown Fox had life to live and experiences to be learned as it tried and tried to jump over the slumbering dog.

As the dog slept and slept through the seasons, the youthful brown fox kept trying to jump over the dog, and with each turn of the season the fox matured a little more and more till it was able to jump over the dog. Feeling full of accomplishment from maturing and being able to jump the large dog the fox in a celebratory mood decided to… any guesses? I don’t know… take a nap next to his buddy Lazy Big Dog? Correct. I guess I should have mentioned there’d be spoilers.

Anyways, yeah that’s the project. Typing out the review made me realize there was a larger narrative to the story, or at least I was able to find something about the project that I was able to relate to. Not sure if what I took away from the story was the point or not, but it seems to be from my life experiences how it goes.


The Quick Brown Fox and a Lazy Big Dog was cute and simple. Not sure what the motivation was by the producer for the project. Perhaps to learn how to animate a story, who knows. But the producer pulled it off. Although I would have liked to see during the winter season the ground be snow instead of green grass with some snowflakes falling and a couple of piles of snow on the green grass. And maybe even a winter hat show up on the dog sleeping on the snow. I mean I would have thought, “who put the hat on Lazy Big Dog?”. Anyways, I believe the producer has a knack for this type of story telling so good job on the Quick Brown Fox and a Lazy Big Dog.