“The Last One?” – Independent Movie Review

“The Last One?” – More Than a Movie About a Movie

Langdon Alger | Independent Movie Review

I wish “The Last One?” was made with a larger budget. I liked the movie however I feel that the story lines and characters didn’t get the chance to develop properly because it was independently produced. And I don’t believe this was due to lack of skill by the Writer/ Producer/ Director/ Actor Kevin Lapsley because certain scenes contained very good dialogue and most of the characters I really enjoyed.

INDEPENDENT-MOVIE-REVIEW-THE-LAST-ONE-585X329-022618-001The Last One? is labeled as a college comedy but it is not a straight up laugh a minute type of deal. There aren’t uniform jokes but rather smart and witty lines pulled off by likeable realistic characters. At times I really felt like I was along for the ride that the main character Kevin States had found himself involved in as he tried to sell his movie within the movie.

And, the whole making a movie within the movie thing was not too much either. TLO touches on filming within the movie for the movie’s movie, but the majority of that storyline has to deal with selling the already semi-finished product. I actually could have used more of that storyline because the scenes, with Agent/ Friend Canz (Canz) and his bikini wearing snorkeling in the bathtub partner-in-crime Trisha, (Trish Hershberger) and their wheelings and dealings with a Hollywood agent, were very entertaining.

the-last-one-002Also, Megan Buskirk, Jacki Vogel and Lisa Benedict deliver very good performances in their roles as Ashley Dunn, America’s #1 favorite pop-star, Karen Brown, the college reporter out to get the scoop, and Alyson, the wrong girl in the right place at the right time.

The Last One? is a light hearted easy comedy, with a couple of good twists, set in a college setting with amusing, silly and easy on the eye characters.

You will not mistake this for a Hollywood film however with that said, very good cinematography for an independent comedy, scenes were lit and the audio is fairly smooth and consistent.


The Last One..?


A college senior tries to sell his independent movie, graduate on time and get the girl while all of Hollywood and a college newspaper reporter want in on the fun.