“Urban Underdog” – Independent Movie Review

Hopefully “Urban Underdog” Will Be Coming to a City Near You

Langdon Alger/ Independent Movie Review

Urban Underdog with Jason Malone Philadelphia pilot episode left me wanting to see another installment of the Urban Underdog in another city.

The episode was a mixture of life statements expressed by Jason Malone on how he chooses to move through life and the rest of the show was the Urban Underdog trying to do what’s right for his fellow man while trying to earn some loot in return so he can keep on moving to the next town and spreading the positive flow.

The positive vibes being expressed by Jason never came across as cliched remarks being pitched to sway sentiment toward the shows premise. His words left me thinking, whether you agree or disagree, that he truly believes in what he is saying, and I had no problem getting behind the ideals and actions. I came away thinking that Jason really wants to leave a positive mark on this earth and influence positively as many people as he can, and because of this I definitely want to see where the show could go.

Coupled with the words of the Urban Underdog I enjoyed just watching the different scenarios Jason placed himself into in this pilot episode as he tried to raise money to buy coats to hand out to the homeless and as he tried to earn money to move onto the next city.

Even more so, you saw that the Urban Underdog could make a difference when he handed out the coats to the needy. It was no big event sponsored by any corporation. It was just a man handing out coats to those in need. And the smiles the Urban Underdog put on faces of the tourists as he walked around Independence Mall in full George Washington get-up and took picture after picture made me believe he put some positive vibes out there if only for a day.

For point and shoot and follow around cinematography it was real easy to watch. The sound was clean and nice and the editing had just enough punch with some simple transitions and graphics.