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Skittered: So Good You Can’t Just Watch One

Langdon Alger | Independent Movie Review

So, I just watched a talented piece of popcorn play Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance on a trumpet, honestly “who knew popcorn could be so much more”, am I right @webber444? And then, the very next Skittered on their Youtube page was Samuel L. Jackson as Mr. PotatoHead still trying to get those mother f#cking snakes off his mother f#cking plane. Yes, welcome to Skittered.

If you don’t know what Skittered is it is a collection of conceptualized video responses to random tweets. Yep, @BreeEssrig if you didn’t think a gathered house full of talent under the guidance and organization of director Jody Lauren Miller was going to randomly find your “I canNOT believe I just woke up!…” tweet, script out a scenario where a person at a funeral, in a coffin, being memorialized, laying there wakes up to the bereaved’s dismay and then act out, film and edit the scenario all within hours of you tweeting this, I guess now you know better.

In Skittered world, @SamuelLouWalker, “Captain America is a bad ass” literally means a man dressed as a donkey who is dressed liked Captain America complains about not wanting to pull the cart. The “don’t call them skeets” are quite frankly hilarious and as simple and complex as the tweets they are inspired by. On the surface a simple tweet like “Except to see a lot of ‘postage stamp’ tweets” (minus the tweet typo we are assuming) is probably to do with the news of a postage rate increase, but who knows what back-story led to @ladyarse feeling the need to tweet about it. Just as the inspired Skittered on the surface was simply a humanized postage stamp trying to turn on an iPad to no avail so it could tweet, the back-story of everything that goes into producing each Skittered is quite impressive and the results make you smile and laugh.

Spot on. Clean filming, clean sound, clean graphics.


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