“Forty Nine Days” – Independent Movie Review

Enjoyed the “Forty Nine Days” Journey

Langdon Alger | Independent Movie Review

“Forty Nine Days” is a movie short (30 Mins) about the Tibetan Buddhism philosophy of the spirit as it departs the body from this world and the forty-nine days leading up to nirvana or back to earth for rebirth. I went into “Forty Nine Days” not knowing what to expect but by the end I enjoyed the journey.

Almost like a mash up song “Forty Nine Days” blended material together to tell the story and move the narrative forward. The scenes moved from story to almost a trance video of sorts back to story and so on in a very effective way to bring the audience along on this spiritual journey.

More journey then story, the concept was good for me and definitely a change of pace for the types of movies I usually end up watching. Every shot, clip and beat I wanted to pay attention to because I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss something, because I wasn’t sure where the story was going to take me.

Not really knowing anything at all about Tibetan Buddhism, rebirth or bardos “Forty Nine Days” provides some information on their YouTube page about the topic for those who want to have a more linear understanding of the images and the story going in to viewing. I choose to just jump right in the first time I watched the movie without having any knowledge and just go for a ride.

In the end “Forty Nine Days” was an effective artistic piece. The footage was unique, slightly creepy and powerful. The score, by Periscope, was on point and the edit was very solid. This was a very good effort by producer Martin Swinny and all that were involved.