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“Mallas, MA” Heart in Right Place but Doesn’t Deliver

Langdon Alger/ Independent Movie Review

Mallas, MA could have used another 24 hours to accomplish what it set out to do.

This short project was produced for a 48 hour film festival and although it delivers well on a lot of levels some more time could have been used to clarify the story and characters.

I feel like if you are going to check out this project you should read a synopsis first for sure. Most people do that before deciding to watch a movie anyways, so it’s not a big deal. I did not, so it took me viewing the project twice to clear things up a little.

The story is about two con artist ghost hunters who are hired to check out paranormal activity at a house and end up actually stumbling upon a ghost.

Not quite sure if the ghost hunters realize the ghost is a ghost as they parade the ghost around the house and town taking pictures to legitimize there profession for a talk show they are scheduled to be on later that day.

I think if the production team had more time to spend on the script they could have established the characters better at the beginning, rearranged some lines better and the nice ending could have been developed further.

Timothy J. Cox and Maria Natapov do a nice job with their parts as the ghost hunters.

Again, understanding that the talented group of people who produced the project were working on a shortened timeline, I had to watch the project twice to get what they were going for, I think.

Their heart was in the right place, but I don’t think they delivered on what they set out to do, but worth a watch anyways.

The project is only 7 minutes long so even though the delivery falls short the project is worth watching to see all of what was accomplished in such short amount of time. Very clean video, sound and score. The project starts out with a great arial shot as well that makes you want to continue watching the project with that alone. A good effort.


Mallas, MA


Two bumbling con artists try to pull one over on a small, superstitious town by posing as paranormal investigators.

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