“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” – Independent Movie Review

Oh… “Captain America” Isn’t the Winter Soldier.

Langdon Alger/ Independent Movie Review

I liked Captain America: The Winter Soldier. There I said it.

Not being a comic book reader growing up and having no idea about any of the back stories of any of the Marvel characters that are becoming movie stars these days I liked what they did with this sequel.

Have to admit I rather liked the first movie as well. Yes Captain America: The First Avenger was a little more campy if you will from the Iron Man movie’s and what ever else was released at that point in the Marvel train, but it was an origin story that set the table for The Winter Soldier.

Winter Soldier did the dance with if you have seen all of the other Marvel movies you got more out of it, but I think it also did a fine job of being a stand alone movie. Have to admit you kind of could see who the “bad guy” was going to end up being, but I did not see the larger picture, so that was a surprise. And not even giving it an ounce of thought as to why Captain America was a “winter soldier” going in I liked when that aspect was tied back to the original movie.

As far as the characters themselves, I continued to like the Captain America and Natasha Romanoff’s back stories of haunted pasts and their persistence to do what is right. Nick Fury was what he is, but again not knowing anything about anything, like that it seems like things are going to change moving forward. Falcon was introduced but doesn’t seem like he is going to be getting his own movie anytime soon and the Winter Soldier looks like he is going to get another swing at things.

As far as the acting, I thought everybody did a great job. Redford as Alexander Pierce did a good job of not being all “i’m Robert Redford”, Anthony Mackie jumped right in as Falcon and Evans, Jackson and Johansson continued to own their characters. However, knowing now what I know now about Winter Soldier, although Sebastian Stan does a fine job, I’m not feeling him to be the indestructible force that the character is supposed to be, but if/ when they make another I’ll probably go see it.

With a budget of 170 million, you would hope they could get it right and… they did. Just the correct mix of real action and effects for an early summer blockbuster.

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