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Guillermo DelToro’s masterpiece fable has arrived to exceed expectations in his film making career. The Shape of Water! A love story fable/movie tribute/ satire that has the feel and look of a Coen Brothers flick. But if you really want to take a trip down fanboy lane, it has everything to savor in a big screen way.

The revival of Universal Pictures Monster “The Black Lagoon” Gill-Man is the base of a reversal of characters.

Michael Shannon is the human monster here, a G-Man with a cattle prod who works with the government to learn about the Amazon God that is now a prisoner. The heroine is a mute janitor who has found a friend/lover in the Creature and plans to save it with the help of a scientist spy and her co-worker.

An R rated parody of E.T. that defies description. I can’t think of a better fantasy I’ve seen in a long while. Doug Jones is the best actor under any makeup, Sally Hawkins is a revelation. Octavia Spencer and Richard Jenkins support is amazing. A Masterpiece!

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