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Love stories are my guilty pleasure. If they are done right, it lasts after you leave the theater. “Call Me By Your Name” is a rare film. Set in the mid-eighties, an Italian villa, a family unit of intellectual souls. A summer visit by an old friend, handsome actor from America. 6 weeks of summer is very sweet for a young man.

Armie Hammer is Oliver, the 24 yr old assistant to mentor, an archaeologist professor (Michael Stuhlbarg again delivers). Son Elio (Timothee’ Chalament from ‘Ladybird’) is a talented 17 yr old looking to find love. He is popular with the local girls, but Oliver is a special friend. A mentor.
The love story is slow to develop between the friends. When it does happen, it’s classic storytelling about when it all ends.

The movie is a nostalgic and pretty inviting, Italy, summer, and filled with fun and relaxation. The perfect setting for first love.

Controversial material is handled with tender care, and the ending is bittersweet and sad. Hammer is the new Robert Redford, and his presence is great. Acting is daring, and gay theme is handled smartly. Good film!

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