Dr Cult-O M.E. Reviews “Last Rampage: The Escape of Gary Tison”

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90’s action specialist Dwight H Little returns to features after doing TV episodes on countless shows. Robert Patrick ( T2, Copland) is Gary Tison, Arizona convict on the run, with the help of his 3 sons… true story is a return to old school murder and mayhem. Good news… low budget crime is something lost in movies. Patrick is the new Robert Duvall, a magnetic character actor that knows how to deliver a wild line. Can be scary and real.

DHLittle has handled studio action, Seagal-Snipes-Brandon Lee.. and makes the lead actor excel. Set in 1978, three sons break dad out of an Arizona prison with guns and passion. Tison is a pure sociopath, and his wife (Heather Graham) is an enabler who tricks the boys to save daddy.

The movie is cheap, but well executed by a pro. Robert Patrick is an amazing actor, and the sad ending is about the price of family blood. “Blood comes for Blood”.. a mantra that fails. It’s good stuff. Old school action. Good role by Bruce Davidson as an aging lawman.

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