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Bringing the goods, low budget, and oddly engaging suspense thriller “Bullet Head” (formally ‘DeNiro’) is a very cool but ultimately predictable ‘man versus animal’ movie.

Three crooks in a warehouse, on the lam after a botched heist. Adrien Brody-John Malkovich-Rory Culkin are hiding from the cops in an abandoned school in the ghetto. They find out the location is used as a ‘dog pit’ for hardcore dogfights. A huge abandoned Spanish Mastiff named DeNiro (all the fight dogs are named after tough guy stars) has turned on his trainer and now has the taste for human blood.

Characters are presented with flashback tales of their earlier criminal acts. Sort of a cross between “Cujo” and Walter Hill’s underrated classic “Trespass” and a touch of Tarantino vibe adds a sweet touch. The last character in the mix is Antonio Banderas as the fight fixer who comes in blazing to kill the trio of thieves. All the stars bring their A-Game, and the action is tense, and real Mastiffs trained (no CGI) make it real fun. Downside is the last act is predictable down to the last moment. Funny in-joke with Brody hiding in a piano (his Oscar nod). The message of animal abuse is there and sledgehammer terror. Paul Solet wrote and directed a solid flick.

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