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HULU has a small gem of a docu-dramedy called “Becoming Bond”. The untold story of George Lazenby…. yes THAT other James Bond. A rakishly handsome bloke from the sticks in Australia, car mechanic-salesman-male model and never acted a day in his life. He tricked his way into a casting call for “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” to the surprise of director Peter H. Hunt, who burst into laughter and gave him the nod to be the second James Bond… and his last Bond film.

The re-enactment of the story by actors in the respected roles is good, and sweetly romantic at times. George chimes in on camera to affirm the ‘truth’ in his mind. Funny movie with cameo’s by former Bond girl Jane Seymour, Jeff Garlin, and a hoot of a Johnny Carson impersonator (I wont tell you… but the best laugh in the movie).

Charming story, great Bond documentary for fans and movie geeks.

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