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The teen coming out comedy for the post millennial generation. “Love,Simon” covers the issue of social media and longing to be free of hiding in the closet. I was pretty impressed with the charming performers and the comic supporting cast of adults.

The story of Simon, a closeted gay teen in his senior year. He reads an anonymous blog about another teen longing to come out. He begins a distant anonymous friendship that now is at the level of longing, to be loved. He is now being blackmailed by an obnoxious student in order to get the attention of a pretty friend. Predictably, and a series of missteps leading to his outing, Simon is now crushed and losing his pen pal love.

The movie is not edgy, doesn’t even try, not a bad thing to be a safe little charming lark. Corny ending and all is fine. Nick Robinson is a really good actor. Mostly enjoyed it.

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