“The Angry World of Brian Webster” | Independent Movie Review

Langdon Alger | Independent Movie Review

So what to say about The Angry World of Brian Webster? It’s a tough one. I think I’m gonna go with comedies in general are tough to film and especially independently produced comedies.

The Angry World of Brian Webster is about Brian Webster, played by Chris Goodwin, trying to find his way in life amongst a group of crazy characters that make up his friends and family.

The movie is a mix of Brian’s life snowballing out of control as he loses his job and girlfriend, his friends trying to help their friend cheer up and get out of his funk, and Brian trying to reflect on what he’s done wrong and why he’s so unhappy in hopes of maybe some self growth.

I really don’t know what to think about the project though. I can’t figure out if it’s funny or just funny because it’s bad. I know the actors did a really good job with bringing the nutty characters to life and the director Jim Heffernan has to be a good guy or something cause you can tell everybody gave it their all for the guy.

Not to get too much into the negative, but I think a quicker edit would have helped this project be better. And maybe a couple more projects down the road for the cast and crew and they might be able to figure things out and really be on to something.

If you like the National Lampoon franchise and sketch comedy you can give this project a shot and you might have some laughs.


Like the rest of the project, their is some good and their is some bad to the project. I wouldn’t really say they had a director of photographer, but more of a camera operator. The characters were in frame, but the shots were off sometimes. They made effort to have things lit but you could tell there was a light. You could hear everybody, but sometimes you couldn’t tell what they said. The edit moved ok from scene to scene, but sometimes it felt like the actor said a joke, and there was a pause in the edit to wait for the audience to laugh at the joke, even though you didn’t need to wait. So again, this all kind of goes back to what I typed above, but hopefully a couple more projects down the road and everybody might have some more things figured out. We shall see.