“Good Old Friends” | Independent Movie Review

Langdon Alger | Independent Movie Review

Anything but Good Old Friends if you ask me. This is the story of Mikey coming home to catch up with his “best friends” and the night taking a turn for the worse.

Mikey, played by Michael Schallock, was the most natural of all the actors, but turned out with the least amount of screen time, of the main characters. Marc, played by Andrej Vickers, had the job of playing host to Mikey and for the festivities for the evening. Their friend Pete, played by Peter Kondra, brought the life to the party and the drugs.

Each character and actor had their likable and good moments, but I found myself wanting Marc’s character to be explained further, and I’m not sure why honestly. I just think there was much more to his back story that could be explained. Maybe not so much in this movie, and I’m not saying their should be a follow up or anything, but for as straight-edged as you thought Marc was he definitely had some grit to him.

What I liked most about the movie, was that I kept a tally of whom was really responsible for the night going badly and turns out it was all their faults if you ask me. I even thought this before the satisfying ending, which was another thing I liked about the movie, oh and the performance by Marie Céline Yildirim of course was another.

Overall though, like a lot of projects, there was some pacing problems, but not too bad. They tried some things that didn’t work, but not too many of them. I would have liked to have a little less improve with the lines, but maybe the guys were good old friends in real life so they felt they could give it a go. I thought some areas could have been explored more than they were, but they didn’t go there so you get what you got.

For the most part I’d recommend checking out Good Old Friends if you have the opportunity.


There were some nice shots cinematography wise, so they tried to pull some things off. Not every shot was a winner, but at least they tried. Sound was good, so you didn’t have to fight it for the most part. Color was fine. Nothing too extreme although there were some shots that were too dark. So, overall the edit was good and because of the quality of the project you can just sit back and watch the film instead of fighting the technical aspects like you have to a lot of the times with some indie projects.