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“All The President’s Men” is a classic. The true story of the quasi-prequel, “The Post” by director Steven Spielberg sets up the beginning of the trials and tribulations of the Washington Post. Post owner Kay Graham (Meryl Streep) is a socialite D.C. elitist with connections and friendships with the highest government leaders. Her husband died and she has control of the most elite newspapers of record (next to the New York Times).

Ben Bradley (Tom Hanks taking the same role as Jason Robards in Presidents Men) is the Post editor in chief, and may well be the best of them all. When the whistleblower at the Rand Corporation released the statistics of the escalating war in Vietnam to the Times, Nixon threatens to stop the press with all his might. The First Amendment of the Constitution is about to take down with the freedom of the press at stake.

Bradley steps in to fight the big fight by finding the source of the Pentagon Papers and publish them all! But this means that the demise of the Post is real and even prison for everybody in charge.

The movie is textbook and old fashioned film making by the biggest director in Hollywood. The casting is full of great faces and character actors. Hanks and Streep!!! The Best of the best. I loved it! Even Bob Odenkirk steals every scene he is in. Must see!

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