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Netflix alert, from the makers and stars of Comedy Central’s “Workaholics”, a parody of ‘Die Hard’ style action flicks…. been there before. Paul Blart Mall Cop 1&2 covered it, but let’s take it up a notch.

Devine/Holm/Anderson team are seasoned comic trio with game. The story of three ‘chambermaids’ in a city high end hotel in L.A. who thwart a terrorist attack by a gang of ‘Die Hard’ type kidnappers. The mastermind, the killer henchmen, the hot brainy sicko lady with Kung fu grip, the hacker black guy, and the secret brains behind the heist. All accounted for.

The movie is a Jackass meets Die Hard. And the gags go way too long. The raunch factor is at the 9’s including gay sex, castration, fat guy man ass to mouth, poopy pants, naked dicks and dirty hairy ass jokes.

Cameo’s galore… and some funny laugh-out-loud moments die out in the last act. I loved the farcical gags right out of the Three Stooges handbook. I hated the idiotic gags of blood and gore… and the drug humor is now dead… don’t do it anymore.

Nice mixed bag of poop and dick jokes.

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