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In the streets of Queensbridge NY, the birth of hip-hop has a footnote true story of the first girl artist to hit the charts. Lolita Golden (Chante’ Adams) is a kid in braces going to school and makes a quick street buck in rap battles. Her mom uses the money to save for a house but is ripped off by her player boyfriend. A cycle of oppression and victimized women in the ghetto world in the early 80’s.

Lolita has a street name: Shante’. She is a genius at the rap game, and a hit song called “Roxanne Roxanne “ (a disrespectful takedown of a street girl) inspired Shante’ to record her own slap-rap answer: “Roxanne’s Revenge”… and history is made.

Michael Larnell wrote and directed a street drama that is outright depressing because of the subject matter. Women have no power in a mans world, but the message of hope is still here.

The supporting cast with Nina Long as Lolita’s bitter mother really shines, in a few scenes can move the viewer. Mahershala Ali (award winner ‘Moonlight’) as the smooth pimp who takes young Lolita in after her mother disowns her is scary good.

Adams in the lead role is great, the movie as a musical bio misses the drive of ‘Notorious’ or ‘Straight Outa Compton’ because it’s a small story. Still the outcome is positive, finding strength in family. Netflix has a small gem.

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