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Three parents try to stop their daughters from having sex on Prom night. Solid plot, and if anybody can pull off a small classic from this plot, this is the movie; ‘Blockers’ (Cock in the print ad).

The trio of parents; Jon Sena is the numbskull jock who cries way too much. Leslie Mann is the ‘my daughter is my bestie’ mom who can’t let her baby go. Ike Bainholtz is the selfish jerk who just happens to be the ‘voice of reason’?

The kids are a mix of foul mouthed counterparts of their parents. The game is on when the texts and emojis spell out the prom night plot.

The movie is a series of mishaps and farcical setups that are really clever. Reminded me that Blake Edwards style gags still work. The R rated stuff is raunchy and gut busting comic moments along with clever banter from both parents and kids made this a classic.

Barinholtz is the scene stealing punchline king, and one of the best comedians on screen since Michael Keaton. Sena is a hulking sight gag of a dufus dad. Leslie Mann is now very good as the pretty goofy mommy. Well directed by Kay Cannon, and more from her in the future as a great comedy film maker.

Great cameos by Gary Cole (Office Space’s Lumberg) and Gina Gershon as the boy’s parents (won’t give the gag away).

Best Comedy of the year!!

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