Project Reviewers

Independent Movie Review is seeking persons to review projects that are submitted to be reviewed. Creative freedom is given and creative originality is encouraged. This is a work “as little” or “as much” as you want opportunity.

We offer free “Basic” reviews to any project that submits a request, with bare bone guidelines. You will be given the opportunity to review any of these projects. However, we also receive requests for paid submissions. These paid submissions include options that allow the submitter to request an author to handle the review. So, it pays to be original and creative with your reviews.

Also, you are free to use the platform to review any, even studio project, you want. We are under no obligation to publish any or every review you provide to us, however, we will publish your reviews on the platform under your author “category”. You are also free to use your review anywhere else as well that you want. It’s your review. You’re just allowing us to use it, make money from it and sharing it with us.

This is a commission based payment opportunity. The free “Basic” reviews are a work if you want it, if not the staff at IndyMR will handle the review. Any paid submission, if you are requested to do the review by the submitter, you will receive 25% of the current cost of the review package that has been selected.

Further compensation can be made be ways of referrals. There is a 25% commission, on any products purchased, that you are the referrer. We offer multiple ways for projects to promote themselves.

All commission rates are set for 3 month terms. At the end of the 3 months we can either re-up at current or modified rates, based on a wide variety of variables.

Work when you want. Free to do whatever else you want.


  • 18 years old or above.
  • USA legal citizen.
  • W-9 form to be completed.
  • Not a hater or an a-hole.
  • At least a mild interest in video projects.