On-Camera Talent

Independent Movie Review is seeking a couple people to be the face of IndieMR online to review projects and generate views and subscribers to our website and channel.

We offer free “Basic” written reviews to any project that submits a request.  However, we also offer a promotional package, Video Review, that is basically a review of a project, with some clips of the project edited in, and you would be responsible for creating the review portion of this content.  IndieMR would do all the editing of the review.  You would simply be responsible for watching a project and then turning a camera on and recording your thoughts of the project.

This is a new product, so we currently do not have any IndieMR examples to show you, but we are thinking the review should be something close to this till we are able to pump more money into the venture…

And again, as we generate views, and the revenue starts to come in we will dump more money back into IndieMR which will benefit us all.

This is a commission based payment opportunity.  For any paid promotional package, you will receive 25% of the current cost of the review package that has been selected. You are free to review any movie you want studio or otherwise, and we will share it on IndieMR. Again, we are just getting going here so things might be slow for the time being until we start generating views.

Further compensation can be made by way of referrals. There is a 25% commission, on any products purchased, that you are the referrer. So, for the “Video Review” as an example, if you get a production to buy a promotional package, if you do the Video Review, that’s 25%, and because you got the sale, that’s another 25%, so you’d get 50% total.

We offer multiple ways for projects to promote themselves. Details about our promotional packages can be found at:

All commission rates are set for 3 month terms. At the end of the 3 months we can either re-up at current or modified rates, based on a wide variety of variables. Again, although we have been around since 2011, we have never really pushed IndieMR, until now, so this is a get in on the ground floor opportunity more or less, and let’s see where we can take this.

Work when you want. Free to do whatever else you want. Otherwise, no real benefits at this time.


  • 18 years old or above.
  • USA legal citizen.
  • W-9 form to be completed.
  • Access to a camera and internet to upload content.
  • Not a hater or an a-hole.
  • At least a mild interest in video projects, but a passion would be super cool.

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