I Think I Liked “My Neighbor Wants Me Dead”

“My Neighbor Wants Me Dead” | Independent Movie Review

Langdon Alger | Independent Movie Review

So yeah, I’m pretty sure I think I liked “My Neighbor Wants Me Dead“. It’s not the usual cup of tea project. Unless that cup of tea is some hallucinogenic inspired infusion served tongue blistering hot that you take with some fermented sasquatch milk and stir with a rusty razor blade and top off with a couple of dirty finger nail clippings.

I had literally no idea about the project before I started to watch it. Asked no questions of writer/director Nick Gatsby about MNWMD nor did I do any research. I kind of just like jumping right in on the projects when I am tasked with doing a review. I guess it’s a Surreal Horror if you had to classify. I immediately thought of the T&E (Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!) commercials, I think, with John C. Reilly on Adult Swim late late night that never actually got me to tune in even though I kind of knew in the back of my mind the show is probably incredibly smart and is more than likely right up my alley. So yeah, a minute of MNWMD made me think of those.

As I watched, I wasn’t sure if the movie was gonna go full gore or what, but was glad that it didn’t. Too me it was more psychological scary, with a touch of gross, lots of just creepy and a dash of  “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, maybe? As the movie went on I found myself thinking how would I handle the situation, so I definitely went along for the ride. I’m sure when I watch it again, I’ll pick up on something that I missed, but yeah I think I liked “My Neighbor Wants Me Dead” and am going to tell some friends to check it out as well.


Complicated simplistication that was well done on multiple levels.


Gatsby Productions

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