“Scarlett” | Independent Movie Review

Langdon Alger | Independent Movie Review

Scarlett is a short drama about a women who awakens from a night of, she doesn’t really know what kind of, partying to find her life and those of her loved ones completely gone down the toilet, or I think maybe even puked up onto the roof out her window.

“I think” could be a recurring sentiment to this movie, because almost through-out I was left thinking “I think this” and “that” is what just happened but not really fully knowing. Just being honest, but this is not a very well produced movie at all. Conversely, unfortunately IndieMR has reviewed worse, so at least Scarlett has that going for it.

I mean it’s not that the story is bad, but just the execution was horribly beginner. It’s kind of just a lot of the same old beginner errors like thinking the audience has been part of the production conversations between the director and actors, so they know the plot and don’t have to be shown or told in some form what the heck is actually going on without assumptions.

There’s also over acting and under acting and the edit was horribly bad. Some of these drinking movies, I swear these characters have super powers that are being able to consume amounts of alcohol and substances that are not humanely possible that wouldn’t otherwise leave them dead. It’s not that throwing out a garbage bag of cans and bottles from a night of partying can’t be funny, but this isn’t a comedy, so it makes it look bad, just as an example. Even if it was a house full of people that created all the empties, it just isn’t clearly explained and that’s the point I guess.

Yeah, I don’t know, there’s just a lot of other things that are wrong with almost every aspect of the project, so I’m not even gonna go into them. I completely understand that probably everybody on the project tried as hard as they could or gave an effort and their time, but just unfortunately the execution wasn’t there, so hopefully next time people can learn from their experiences on this project.


Really not trying to rip a new one for the sake of being an ass, but unless the version of Scarlett you ultimately watch has gone back and fixed the edit this is the type of movie that you literally need to hit start and go back and watch again and stop and start again, over and over and over to even figure out what the hell is going on until you very quickly completely understand without even watching. Not trying to discourage the Scarlett team, I guess I’m just saying that working on some things moving forward would be greatly beneficial.