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Langdon Alger | Independent Movie Review

I rather enjoyed HomeBound by Usher Morgan (writer, producer, director) for a multitude of reasons, and being a pet person, or not, had nothing to do with liking the project.

HomeBound is a story about Jaime Rockwell, played very well by Katie Vincent, and her need to conquer her extreme fear of leaving her apartment, caused by her “condition known as agoraphobia”. Jaime needs to handle this “anxiety producing anchor” in order to find her adorable King Charles Spaniel dog Bailey, played by brother duo Blake and Bentley, whom went out into the world alone through the open, super creaky and intimidating metal door of their apartment.

HomeBound does an excellent job of blending together Jaime’s journey that led to this traumatic experience in a way that keeps you engaged and guessing. Usher Morgan is also able to establish, rather easily through the writing and direction, the connection between Jaime and Bailey, the importance of Bailey to Jaime, and just how helpless and disappointed Jaime must have felt in this moment of crisis.

I couldn’t help but wonder how much of this story was actual lived experience, because again I was really able to get an understanding, I think, of how terribly difficult living with this condition must be for the people that suffer from agoraphobia. So with all of that said, I don’t really want to give away any more of the story, but yeah definitely give HomeBound a watch; very well done.


I had no issues at all technically with HomeBound and overall it was very well done. I really liked the cinematography, by Usher Morgan and Louis Obioha, and the edit. The project jumped around in time story wise, but the direction and edit was great and this skipping around was definitely a plus in my experience of watching.

The shots with Bailey(s) were as good as they could be. The lighting and sound were great. There was even a cool FX shot of the hallway and the music that was used was perfect along with the scoring. Very well done everybody who worked on HomeBound and congratulations on producing a very good project.

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A woman suffering from severe agoraphobia must venture out in search of her lost therapy dog.